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Micronized Mineral Technologies

Performance + Environmental Protection

Strength in Sustainability

Progressive Planet’s mission is to strengthen industry through sustainable innovation, providing earth-conscious pathways and products that significantly re-mineralize agricultural operations, radically decarbonize concrete production and deliver safer and superior industrial-grade alternatives to man-made by-products. 

A Culture of Innovation

With 21 disruptive R&D projects ongoing, Progressive Planet’s world-class scientific team are producing and commercializing innovative products and tech dedicated to tackling the global challenges of climate change: soil degradation, emissions reduction, and contaminants impacting the environment. 

Our collective innovation has already resulted in 30 products listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute, along with significant IP development, exclusivity agreements, and the granting of numerous patents. 

Solutions for Industry Partners

We work with established Agriculture, Construction and Industrial growth partners, delivering a portfolio of refined natural products and carbon sequestration solutions that help customers grow, build and operate more responsibly. 

Supplying high-demand, low carbon, earth-friendly products to industry customers on a global scale.

30 million acres of farmable land lost annually. This can be changed, and in some cases, reversed.

Cement is responsible for upwards of 8% of global emissions. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Solutions to reclaim and remediate mining operations and mitigate industrial contaminants.

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Investor and Market Opportunities

We continuously identify environmentally at-risk growth markets where we can do well for society as well as for investors and shareholders.