Progressive Planet operates its flagship Z1 Zeolite Quarry in Cache Creek, British Columbia and is earning an 100% interest in the Z2 Natural Pozzolan Property near Falkland, British Columbia. We are also earning a 100% interest in the Heffley Creek Metals and Natural Pozzolan Property. All three properties are within a one-hour drive of Kamloops, British Columbia, an important industrial hub with rail access to Canadian and US markets.

Z1 Natural Pozzolan Quarry


Progressive Planet is an emerging leader in creating solutions for a livable planet by developing low carbon, pozzolan-based cementing products with the potential to replace equivalent amounts of Portland Cement and fly ash in concrete. We’re doing this because the production of Portland Cement is the second largest global generator of CO2 emissions.

Our flagship product is PozGlass SCM. This extraordinary product is a combination of post-consumer glass and natural pozzolan that enhance the performance of this ultralow carbon footprint supplementary cementing material (SCM).

In addition to our pozzolan-based product development, Progressive Planet also has an active applied research program with resources dedicated to finding innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of cement. These efforts are focused on:

  • Using small amounts of cementitious nanoparticles to replace larger volumes of cement powders with the goal of providing equivalent strength with a lower carbon footprint.
  • Optimizing the conversion of carbon dioxide into calcium carbonate. In essence, we are researching ways to reverse the main process used to make Portland Cement, called calcination. Reversing calcination involves taking CO2 and converting it back to a permanent mineral state.
  • Developing alternative cements made at lower temperatures with smaller amounts of calcination, by replacing limestone with other ingredients that off-gas less CO2.

Progressive Planet operates its flagship Z1 Natural Pozzolan Quarry in Cache Creek, British Columbia. We are also earning a 100% interest in the Z2 Natural Pozzolan Property near Falkland, British Columbia and earning a 100% interest in the Heffley Creek Metals and Natural Pozzolan Property. All three properties are within a one-hour drive of Kamloops, British Columbia, an important industrial hub with rail access to Canadian and US markets.




Board of Directors

CEO and Chairman

Stephen Harpur, CPA, CGA

Stephen has extensive experience in project management including years with a corporate restructuring and insolvency firm. In the early 2000s, he built a scalable e-commerce platform in the early 2000’s and the backbone of this platform was acquired by Walgreens, one of largest pharmacy chains in USA. Steven has designed and built the first industrial plant in Western Canada to separate expired packaged food from packaging while recycling the packaging. He also oversaw two research projects in collaboration with UBC to make & test a potassium phosphate fertilizer through crop trials. Stephen has provided oversight on multiple research projects in last decade with co-funding from the National Research Council. He has a proven ability to work with academia and in applied research to commercialize new products. Most recently, he has designed, built and commissioned PLAN’s Comminution Plant integrating used and new equipment from many vendors.


Dwayne Melrose, P. Geo

Dwayne is designated as a Qualified Person (QP) on the Board of Directors. He boasts over 30 years of experience in the mining industry where he advanced 3 significant exploration projects towards production. Dwayne has been responsible for the design, and evaluation of precious metals in deposits in Canada, United States, China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. He has also served on board of multi-jurisdictional publicly traded mining companies with interests in precious metals, base metals, and industrial minerals.


Scott Jenkins, CPA

Scott is the former President and Director of DIRTT Environmental Solutions, where he oversaw the growth of annual revenue at Dirrt from $20 million to $297 million. He then led DIRTT’s successful IPO on TSX in November 2013. Scott is also the former President MgO Systems Ltd, and former CFO Pure Technologies Ltd. (now Xylem).


Edward Beggs, M. Sc.

Edward has a deep background in agriculture, building product sales, & project management. He is the owner of a specialized building and renewable energy products company and has significant experience in new product development in the clean tech sector. Edward is the co-inventor of IP for pelleting of cannabis waste. He has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and an M.Sc. in Environment and Management from Royal Roads University, where he has been a member of the Associate Faculty for over a decade.

Advisory Board

Founder, Urban Impact

Nicole Stefenelli

Nicole is CEO and Founder of Urban Impact Recycling, a well-established recycling company serving customers in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Stefenelli brings three decades of experience in the field of finding solutions to the growing problem of corporate and institutional waste. In 2010 she won the Ernst & Young CEO of the Year in the Cleantech category. In 2012 she was awarded the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Entrepreneur category. Stefenelli served on the Board of Directors for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Science World and has also served on the Board of the Recycling Council of British Columbia.

Founder Octoform / Philanthropist
David Richardson

David is a prolific inventor with over 20 patents. He is actively involved in ventures developing cutting edge technology in the green space, with a focus on building a better planet. David has been a Director for Ducks Unlimited Canada for 20 years. He is also Director of WWF Canada and co-founder of the

Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

Brian Sheppard

Brian has over 25 years of experience at Canada’s leading advertising agencies, working on many of the country’s most powerful brands. Sheppard is currently the Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Canada. In addition to creating effective, award-wining advertising, he is also an instructor in the Advertising faculty of the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCADU) in Toronto.


Earl Jenson, P. Eng.

Earl has 20 years of experience in applied R&D, with a specific focus on product & process solutions for industrial and government clients. He currently leads a team at InnoTech Alberta Inc., an independent, but provincial government-owned applied R&D corporation in Alberta.


Chris Halsey-Brandt, CPA, CA, CBV

Chris is both a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV). Chris currently owns and operates a successful food processing business. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Chris was a Partner at Blair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc., a leading Vancouver-based business valuation firm.  During his time at BMM, Chris specialized in the valuation of public and private companies.  Chris obtained his CPA designation while articling at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Vancouver.


Randy Gue

Randy has over 40 years of industrial work experience. The last 25 years of those years include hands-on work in the fields of landfill diversion to resource recovery, renewable energies, clean technologies and development of sustainability projects. Many of the initiatives have been focused on the construction materials sector and have led to the diverversion of over a million tonnes of materials away from landfills and into reuse applications. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and an MBA.

Other Key People


Dave Cross, CPA, CGA

Mr. Cross is a CPA, CGA and is currently a partner at Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants (“Cross Davis”) which provides accounting and consulting services to publicly traded companies. Mr. Cross has over 21 years of accounting experience and has been a partner of Cross Davis for 8 years.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Chad Vecitis, PhD

Dr. Vecitis is the CTO and Co-Founder of Nth Cycle that is redefining the metal supply chain by developing novel metallurgic technologies.  He is also an Associate of Environmental Science & Engineering at the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences where his research focuses on environmental science and emerging nanotechnologies.  Dr. Vecitis is co-author of over eighty peer-reviewed papers and a number of patents, and has been invited to present his research around the world.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Doug Brown, PhD

Dr. Doug Brown is a Materials Scientist with over a decade of experience in the research and development of next-generation green technologies. He holds several patents, is the author of multiple peer-reviewed publications, and has received numerous academic, industry and research awards. Doug has worked with Carbon Engineering (CE) of Squamish, BC where he led significant research efforts relating to capturing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. Investors in CE include Bill Gates, Murray Edwards, Chevron Technology Ventures, and BHP. He has proven track record of attracting grant funding in the field of green building technologies and is a Board member of the Canadian Green Building Council (AB Chapter).

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Greg Silverberg, PhD

Greg earned his PhD in Materials Science at Harvard University and has an undergrad degree in Chemical Engineering from Brown University. Greg has a keen interest in developing sustainable building materials and will help guide Progressive Planet as it takes on related product development initiatives to decarbonize the production of cement.

VP of Business Development, Progressive Planet Alberta

Ian Grant

Ian Grant, Manager of Business Development, joined our team in January 2021 to lead the business modelling and commercialization of new product initiatives for Progressive Planet. Ian's background is as a senior executive in the cement and concrete industry, specifically focusing on driving green-innovation by bringing lower-carbon cement alternatives to market.

VP of Research and Development

Roger Mah, PhD

Roger received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Calgary studying metal-organic framework (MOF) materials for carbon capture applications. This included assessing the implementation strengths, weaknesses, and barriers of MOF commercialization. He then joined Carbon Management Canada Research Institutes and the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute as a Mitacs Accelerate Fellow. For two years, he assessed the innovation ecosystem for carbon capture utilization and storage including sequestration in the built environment with companies such as CarbonCure, Carbicrete, and Solidia. He evaluated gaps and barriers for technology developers taking their technologies from lab/bench towards commercialization and step-gates along the technology readiness level ladder. Roger was previously the CEO of ZoraMat Solutions where he led efforts in commercializing a MOF for carbon capture. He received accolades such as the 2018 Mitacs Change Agent Award, 2019 GreenSTEM fellowship, and a 2020 CleanTech Emerging Leader Award. He is the co-inventor on a technology from the University of Calgary that is currently being evaluated for commercialization at LafargeHolcim’s cement plant in Richmond, BC.

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