PozGlass SCM

The Patheon is over 900 years old and is made from  Pozzolanic Concrete with no rebar.

FLY ASH – The disappearing cement material in North America

  • Its very small particles make concrete highly dense
  • Fly Ash concrete is resistant to acid and sulphate attacks
  • Natural Pozzolan does everything that fly ash does, but better

With Fly Ash sources diminishing, what should replace it? The replacement should:

  • Not create huge amounts of greenhouse gasses
  • Use readily available materials
  • Recycle or repurpose materials otherwise destined for landfill
  • Use materials with embedded energy versus burning more fossil fuels to process new materials (Portland Cement)


  • Over 70% of post-consumer glass currently goes to landfill
  • PozGlass SCM combines Natural Pozzolan with (recycled) post-consumer glass diverted from landfill
  • 1 tonne of PozGlass SCM reduces nearly 1 tonne of CO2 offset

How much energy is put into making glass?

  • Glass is made by heating silica sand to 1,760 Celsius
  • Why are many glass containers only used once before being disposed when so much energy is required to produce them?
  • Recycling glass into more glass only delivers 0.1 tonne of carbon offset for every tonne recycled
  • Pulverized glass makes a very high-quality, extremely long-lasting concrete

Why Natural Pozzolan?

  • Natural Pozzolan contains small particles of pulverized volcanic rock and glass
  • It has high chemical reactivity
  • Its very small particles make concrete highly dense
  • Pozzolanic concrete is resistant to acid and sulphate attacks
  • The Pantheon in Rome is made from Natural Pozzolan, is over 900 years old, and has no rebar!

 Time to Commercialization

  • Pilot Plant functional & producing various rock powders
  • Pilot Plant equipment to be used for 2nd production line in PozGlass SCM Plant
  • Final testing underway for PozGlass SCM
  • All tests completed by July 2021 except sulphate resistance
  • Sulphate resistance only important for underground concrete in acidic soils
  • Sulphate resistance completed by Oct 2021
  • Currently finalizing site location for 1st PozGlass SCM plant

Stronger and Better Than Conventional Alternatives

Both Natural Pozzolan and Pulverized Glass have superior compressive strength to Fly Ash as seen from testing.
Testing of BC based natural pozzolan and steel slag and commercially available fly ash.

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