The smaller it gets, the bigger the positive impact it can have.

Progressive Planet offers proven and tested solutions for industries as wide-ranging as construction and agriculture. Our micronization capabilities provide sustainability opportunities for industry that did not exist even a few years ago.


Through our own facilities and in partnership with trusted suppliers, Progressive Planet is focussing on earth-friendly micronized minerals that naturally unlock sustainability across the construction and agriculture industries. These finely ground powders can have massive sustainability benefits.

We have the capability to grind the following minerals:

  • Soft Rock Phosphate
  • Zeolite
  • Other Natural Pozzolans
  • Limestone
  • Glacial Morraine
  • Post consumer and virgin glass


In 2021, we have our expanded our communition plant’s toll processing capabilities with the addition of two larger ball mills, allowing us to size-reduce minerals to particles as low as 5 microns.


    While many industries can make use of our micronization capabilities, the Construction and Agricultural industries are points of focus for our company.

    • The micronization of post-consumer glass is a key component of in the development of Pozglass SCM, a proprietary cementitious product that realizes significant CO2 reduction, while diverting glass from landfills.

      PozGlass SCM is a combination of post-consumer glass and natural pozzolan mined from our Z1 Natural Pozzolan Quarry in Cache Creek, BC. We are keen to provide samples of PozGlass SCM to interested parties. The samples are free. Do your part to build more sustainably. Start by emailing [email protected] to reach Ian Grant. Ian will work with you to introduce you to our innovative mineral powders for the cement industry and to supply you with samples for testing.

    • Soil is the second largest carbon sink on Earth. Our ability to offer rock powders to the agricultural sector that actually trap and transform carbon CO2 from the atmosphere offers potential to remove CO2 from the atmosphere while providing the soil with phosphorous and micronutrients. The dramatic increase in the cost of chemical fertilizers in 2021 has accelerated the consumption of micronized minerals in agriculture and all of our clients ordered more micronized minerals in 2021 than in 2020. We see this growth continuing in 2022 as our largest client provided test micronized minerals to many of its farmers to use in experimental plots in October 2021.

      We are keen to provide samples of micronized minerals we grind for agriculture to interested parties. Make the switch today and start replenishing your soil’s nutrition using natural products versus chemical fertilizers. Please email [email protected] to reach Ian Grant. Ian will work with you to introduce you to our innovative agricultural mineral powders and to supply you with samples for testing.

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